You can find kettle in every home, which is mostly used in your daily routine. Have you ever thought that it is time to renew your tool or buy one that is more suited for coffee? Well, it is time to turn your thoughts into actions!

Here are tips for your coffee kettle.


It is recommended to search for a small kettle, maximum 1 litre capacity. There is no purpose to have a bigger one because usually you won’t fill it and in bigger kettle the water cools down faster!


Choose a kettle, which is not heavy to be able to easily brew your coffee with any method.


Search for a kettle, which has a long neck like a swan. It will help to control the amount of water on your coffee. You will be able to brew slowly and correctly with no rush and splashes of water to every side.


Try to buy a kettle which has a thermometer. It will help you to discover the best temperature for different coffee types and brewing methods.


  • If you do not want to invest into kettle with thermometer, wait at least 1-3 minutes after the water is boiled. The temperature will drop to 90-95 Celsius, which is perfect for most types of coffee brews.
  • You must change water every time you make coffee! After the water is boiled once, the second time you boil it, you will have different water structure with sediment. This will have a bad impact on your cup of coffee.
  • Your kettle hygiene is important for your coffee taste. Take a look at the inside of your kettle and if you see limescale it is about time to remove it! The easiest way to do it - use citric acid or apple vinegar.