1. How can I get more caffeine?

    Choose Robusta type of coffee or lighter roast method.

  2. How can I keep my coffee fresh longer?

    Put it in vacuumed bags, in dark place. There are special vacuum sealed coffee containers that you can buy.

  3. How to find good quality coffee?

    Read the label - search for the region, roast date and buy not ground coffee. Read more here.

  4. What is Cacara?

    It is a coffee cherry tea. For more read our blog post.

  5. What is dark roast coffee?

    Coffee beans are almost black and have oil on the surface. There is zero acidity, no origin taste of coffee beans but more taste of the roasting process. The caffeine amount is decreased.

  6. What is light roast coffee?

    The beans have light brown color and no oil on surface. You can find outspoken acidity and the biggest amount of caffeine in comparison with other roasting levels. Light roast works best with Africa's coffee.

  7. What is medium roast coffee?

    Coffee beans are medium brown and no oil on surface. It has more balanced taste. Medium roasts are the most popular and a safe choice.

  8. What is the best time to consume coffee after roasting?

    It is ideal to buy coffee beans every 1-2 weeks to get the best smell and taste.

  9. What is the taste of Africa's coffee?

    The coffee beans are fruity, light. It can taste like blueberries, apples, grapes. It has its own acidity.

  10. What is the perfect water temperature for coffee?

    The answer is between 85-95 Celsius and it differs when you prepare with different methods. Do not boil water.

  11. What is the taste of America's coffee?

    Coffee notes are more classic with chocolate and nut flavor. It is well balanced and safe choice for everyone.

  12. What is the taste of Asia's coffee?

    It has the most exotic taste and heavy body. Expect to find muscat, wood, smoke, tabacco, pepper and citrus.

  13. What is WAC?

    The World AeroPress Championship (WAC) is a fan driven global phenomenon in which challengers from over 60 countries have a great time competing to make the best cup of coffee using their favorite AeroPress recipe.

  14. What is Yemen coffee?

    Yemen coffee is limited and it is from one of the oldest sources of the bean in the world. It is wild and complex, can be winey and spicy.

  15. What type of coffee should I choose?

    If you want the best quality and to try different tastes it is recommended to choose Arabica. Learn more about it here.

  16. Why metal filter?

    It is cheaper in the long run and eco-friendly. It creates more coffee body and natural taste with sediment.

  17. Why paper filter?

    Paper filters produce clean coffee without sediment. The coffee stays more watery and without impurities.