You might heard about 3 types of coffee - Arabica, Robusta and Liberica. Let’s talk what are the main characteristics and differences between them!


This is the most popular type of coffee - 75% of World’s coffee production is Arabica. It has an oval shape and 1.5% of caffeine content. Arabica coffee plants are super sensitive and it is really difficult to grow them. These plants are scared of cold weather, vermin and climate change. However, the biggest advantage is that a cup of Arabica coffee can have a huge palette of tastes - from sweet (flowers, berries, honey) to dark ones (caramel, nuts, chocolate)!


23-24% of World’s coffee production is Robusta. It has more circular shape comparing to Arabica and 2.7% of caffeine content (almost 2x more than Arabica). It’s much easier to grow Robusta than Arabica because Robusta is less sensitive to environment factors. That means it’s way (even 2 times than Arabica) cheaper to grow and produce. There are coffee producers who mixes Arabica’s and Robusta’s beans to lower their products prices. Robusta’s taste (due to higher caffeine amount) mostly described as burnt tires or rubbery. Sounds disgusting, right?

Nevertheless, Robusta is used for an original Espresso - it has an amazing crema and in Italy almost every Espresso is being made by using Robusta beans.


Least popular coffee type. Only 1-2% of World’s product is Liberica. It was founded in Philippines and Indonesia. Liberica is mostly used in making instant coffees.

This is it?

No more types of coffee? In fact, these three are the most common ones even though there are more than 100 different types of coffee plants in the World.